By LaRue Rains What is the best martial art? Some will say it is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, others Kung Fu, still others, MMA, Karate, Tae Kwan Do, or a myriad of other styles. I have enjoyed the privilege of studying two different styles of Tae Kwan Do, spending seven years […]

The Best Martial Art

By James Work Royce Gracie put it best when he said “A black belt only covers two inches of your ass. You have to cover the rest.” A lot of people, martial artists or otherwise (we’ve all been asked if our hands are registered deadly weapons), think that the ultimate […]

It’s Just a Piece of Cloth

By Nelson Longpearce I was born with a disability. It’s called Fibular Hemimelia. Fibular Hemimelia is a disability where one your legs is shorter than the other. When I was one year old I had surgery because when I was born my left foot was also backwards. The doctor’s prescribed […]

My Experience with Physical Disabilities and Taekwondo

by Chris Pearce Taekwondo, commonly translates into English as, “The way (do), of hand (kwon), and foot (tae)”. Although there are many specific benefits to the practice of “the-way-of-hand-and-foot”, in this essay I will focus simply on the benefits of practicing “the-way”, and it’s necessary mobilization of discipline. All skill […]

Martial Arts as a Practice of Mind

MAMA Clear Creek
Competition Categories Traditional Forms These are the forms we do in class. It’s your choice what form you would like to do. Creative Forms (You must also compete in Traditional Forms to compete in Creative Forms) We’re leaving it open to you how you interpret creative. Have music? Don’t have […]

2019 Spring Tournament