by John Miller Introduction In October 2017 I had the opportunity to visit a black belt test at the school attended by one of my daughter’s friends. Early in the test, the students were required to execute a series of “appreciation forms.” These looked a little goofy at first; they […]

Appreciation Forms

Happy Halloween
Competition Categories Traditional Forms These are the forms we do in class. It’s your choice what form you would like to do, you do not have to perform your highest form. Creative Forms (You must also compete in Traditional Forms to compete in Creative Forms) We’re leaving it open to […]

Fall 2017 Tournament Information

Kevin L. Ryburn At nine years old, as a typical kid growing up in suburban Denver, I was exposed to martial arts like most kids, via movies and television. This primarily consisted of Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee movies: “Good Guys Wear Black”, “Lone Wolf McQuade”, “Enter the Dragon” and […]

Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Essay