4 Elements of Self Esteem

1. Stay very focused on reality, work with reality.

A person that sees himself or herself and others as something they aren’t can be in danger of low self esteem. One should realize what is real and work with that be it personal or social. A person that tells everyone that they are an Olympic athlete is setting themselves up for failure. It may be better to admire the Olympian and strive to do your best, it may be Olympic quality.

2. Stay corporative, work with people, be flexible

Try to enjoy your particular place in life. Enjoy other people and try not to belittle anyone. If you are hard headed, give a little, take a chance and try another person’s ideas. Say, I’ll give that a try, not “no way” that’s stupid. One may learn a better way to approach a problem, and actually enjoy it.

3. Stay clear about what matters to you, be responsible, know your boundaries.

Don’t do things because your peers are doing it. Know yourself and strive for your goals. Set goals. Try not to become a bird of you are afraid of heights.

4. Stay kind, except things and others without judgment, acceptance.

Do onto others….except people and things for what they are. Do yourself a favor once in awhile. Enjoy the things that make us all different instead of complaining about the same thing. Try not to change everyone you meet ideas or goals, instead enjoy their excitement and commitment to their own thing.

by Master John Rankin