The day before the Super Bowl was to be played this year in Atlanta there was seen several grounds keepers on their hands and knees along the sideline picking up lint. When asked what they were doing the news media was told that they were going to make sure that the field was in perfect shape.

But nobody will even see the sidelines, and all the Gatorade that will be spilled during the game…why? The fans who come early to the game and sit near the sidelines will see, they were told.

This is a story of giving that extra effort, of giving a little bit more. We have all seen the results of those that just get by and those that give that little extra effort. We have seen it in school, here at MAMA, and in life. Everyone feels good about themselves and about anyone who gives a little extra effort. It’s good to feel good and you can make that happen.

In terms of time and effort when researched is not very much. Answer the extra credit question or problem…2 minutes. Give someone in need a little help..3 minutes. Smile and say Hello…seconds. Run over your form one more time…1 minute. Give yourself permission to feel good about yourself, it only takes a little extra effort.

by Master John Rankin