Enter The Dragon

I have always been interested in dragons. They seem to go hand in hand with Martial Arts. I have dragons in my home, in my office and I sell dragons at the Dragonboat Festival every summer. I have even recently become even closer to my own personal dragon. The following is what I have learned about dragons.

The Eastern dragons of the orient are seen as benevolent creatures who are the protectors of life, fertility, and good fortune. The Western dragons are the evil ones and will not be considered in the following.

In general, for men, dragons represent courage, strength, raw power and force, wisdom and reason, and are protectors of sacred items.

Many men tend to associate with the dragon. Some men see themselves as guardians over loved ones, so since the dragon tends to symbolize protection, it fits the mold of guardian.

In general, for women, dragons represent, creator, protector of life, and strength.

Because women are those who give birth, they can be seen as a creator of life. Women can associate with the dragon in terms of protection and children. In most cases, mothers will protect their children till the end. Women may see the strength of the dragon and see it embodied in themselves.

Types of Oriental dragons include:

  • The Horned dragon which is seen as the mightiest dragon
  • The Celestial dragon that supports the heavens and protects the gods
  • The Earth dragon that rules the earth
  • The Spiritual dragon that controls the wind and rain
  • The Treasure dragon that keeps precious metals and gems
  • The Winged dragon being the only one depicted with wings
  • The Coiling dragon that lives in the oceans
  • The Yellow dragon, the hornless dragon which is known for knowledge

The Japanese dragon is called Oni and stands as a symbol of luck. The Japanese dragon has its roots in Chinese mythology and is said to live in the skies and have the ability to bring out the rain which was of major importance for the rice cultivation.

The dragon reached Japan as a water symbol due to the close cultural connection between China and Japan where it is highly honored and admired. It is important to keep him happy because after all, the dragon could easily cause a seaquake if angered.

In summery, the next time you see a dragon, be nice to it, and never anger a dragon!

Master John W. Rankin

John W. Rankin