The Seventeen Samurai

Seventeen Samurai came together last Friday evening for what became an event to remember. We had young samurai, old samurai, male samurai and female samurai.

They all came together with the same purpose in mind. We came to witness advancement, martial arts at its best, and experience the concept of family.

They came from all over the city and the mountains, each with his or her personal purpose in mind. We all knew it would be an evening to remember. Four of the seventeen were new to this gathering, and didn’t know what to expect. One was seeking to increase his rank among us, pride in perfection. The others knew exactly what was in store.

We began at the appointed time, and time stood still, the room started to heat up and we all smiled. Different techniques were demonstrated; questions were posed, and answered, weapons were drawn, and like a samurai should, swift and controlled technique was at hand. Time passed and we witnessed things I dare not tell.

In time the pads were pulled out and put on, then it happened. A glorious smack of will, and sweat and the family fought with great pleasure etched on there glistening faces. The room heated up even more. Great pride in the family welled up in our chest and we all smiled.

Then a salute, like all the times before and we vowed to meet the following day so that the five could show the public what we are, what we stand for, what Martial Arts is.

The Samurai sat in silence in awe of the technique, humbled by their common goal, teachers, mentors, honored members of our family.

This is Martial Arts, technique, sweat, tears, success, failure, opinions, family, a fraternity we all can depend on for the rest of our lives. We have the good fortune to know the best and be the best. We are Tae Kwon Do, We are the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts, We are Samurai!

Master John W. Rankin