Precautions: Inside the Home Door Locks

If you can prevent an intruder from entering your home, then you can prevent robbery or rape.

The most basic, and important, measure is to install secure locks on all exterior doors and windows. A deadbolt lock is the most secure type of lock available. It eliminates the possibility of an intruder opening the door with a credit card or a piece of plastic.

For safety, the deadbolt lock should be operated with a key on the outside and a “thumb-turn” from the inside. A deadbolt lock that needs a key to be operated from both sides is indeed secure, but it is also a fire hazard.

A “key-in-the-doorknob” type of lock is an open invitation to an intruder. It can be easily opened with a credit card. Some “key-in-the-doorknob” locks have the added security of a deadlatch or triggerbolt. Although this device does prevent entry with a credit card, it is a very poor security device, because the plunger is very short and weak.

Examine your locks to determine if they are secure. If they are not secure, have new deadbolt locks installed for maximum protection.

John W. Rankin

  • Dan Barrow

    Great tips! I've also heard that by replacing the slide plate (portion that covers the door jam) screws with three inch screws you reduce the likeliness that someone can kick the door in.