Security Inside the Home


Secure door and window locks are to no avail if a spare key is left “hidden” on the premises. Common hiding places, such as under the doormat or in the mailbox, will be quickly found by a determined intruder.

Remember to store any spare keys in a safe place. If you must leave your car keys with a parking attendant or auto mechanic, give him only the keys he will need. Never give anyone the chance to make an impression of your house keys in a bar of soap or lump of clay.

Whenever you move into a new home or apartment, have your locks re-keyed. Every previous tenant or owner could still have a copy of the key to your new living quarters. In order to prevent illegal entry by such former occupants, re-keying the locks is essential. This does not mean that the new locks must be installed, that is an unnecessary expense. For a small fee, a locksmith can re-key the locks by changing the tumblers in your present locks and give you a set of new keys.

Your home and life will be more secure from unwanted intruders and potential rapists, by taking good care of your keys.

John W. Rankin