Black Belt – 2nd Dan

500 Teaching Hours – Master to Approve

Ech Chan Cho Bu

Ech Chan E Bu

Ech Chan Shim Bu

Pyong Cho Dan

Pyong E Dan

Pyong Sam Dan

Pyong Sa Dan

Pyong O Dan


Naihanji Cho Dan

Form From a Different Style

(2) Weapons Forms

(32) 1-Step Sparring (16×16)

(25) Original 1-Step Sparring

(176) Pressure Points

(15) Wrist Technicals (15×15)

(30) Clothing Technicals (15×15)

Timed Surprise Attacks With and Without Weapons

1-Step Jump Kicks (20 Near & Far)

Freespar (1 On 1)

Freespar (2 On 1)

Freespar (3 On 1)

Freespar (4 On 1)

Break 3-1″ Boards or 1 Patio Stone  (Each Hand)

Break 5-1″ Boards or Patio Stone  (Each  Foot)

Break (Choice)


Test Fee

*Black Belt candidates are also required to submit a paper