Kwan jang nim

Grandmaster-Kwan jang nim. This will take some time to get used to. I would like to thank everyone who offered their congratulations to me. It is a tribute to my students because without them I would have never come this far.

I have been teaching Martial Arts for forty years and over that time it has been my privilege to meet and become friends with the most amazing people. All walks of life, men, women, children. It is truly humbling when I recall the past.

It has been a challenging and rewarding journey that I have enjoyed and will cherish forever.

So it begins another chapter in my life as a Martial Artist. I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead with the current and future instructors. I feel we will accomplish great things. New ideas are emerging it seems every day. Great creativity, passion, and dedication is evident. It is a new time in the life of the school.

It is my hope that all students and instructors will at some point themselves become a Grandmaster, and experience the same satisfaction and pride in the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts that I do.

Thank you,

Grandmaster John W. Rankin