A Postcard From Utah

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Lately my “job” has kept me on the road, mostly in Utah at the Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation. I have always said that I work for a living and I do Martial Arts to live.

We have the good fortune of many excellent instructors here at the Academy which have simply done what they know how to do. Not only do I appreciate the effort particularly by Mr. and Mrs. Barrow for handling the bulk of the instruction and the day to day operation, Mr. Colsen and Miss Rose for starting the Kinder Kicks class with Mrs. Rich’s help, but others as well. It has become one of the finest complements to me that any instructor can have.

What I mean by that is that I am not needed by the school, I am missed and wanted but not needed. We “bring up” such good instructors that are dedicated and talented that our family just keeps going no matter who is there. It is the finest complement anyone can receive.

As I keep traveling I miss the Academy terribly but I don’t worry at all about the quality or methods of teaching.

It is truly a pleasure working with such talented people that are such an important part of the Mountain Academy family. I am very proud of what we are and stand for here at the Academy and know that we have the best instructors as well.

Thank you,

Grandmaster Rankin

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  • Imyrrich

    Thanks, Grand Master John W. Rankin. We appreciate and miss you very much.