Listen to Your DoBalk

We have all heard that familiar “snap” coming from a student’s dobalk, usually from the front row.

True a nice snap is easier to achieve with a heavyweight uniform but can be detected with a lightweight dobalk as well.

What causes this much desired “snap”? A technique with near perfect execution will cause the fist or foot to stop at the point of contact and the sleeve or pant leg then catches up and hits or snaps against the wrist or ankle. It is a lovely sound. Without a proper stance, the right twist, back leg locked, the correct alignment of the shoulders, counter motion, maximum power, a good snap cannot be done. One of the keys to this is to finish and lock the technique, finish before moving on to the next punch or kick. Being rushed in your execution will void a snap and in doing so let you know that the technique was not completed correctly.

Make it a part of your training to listen for the snap at the end of every technique. I believe a room full of snaps is like classic music to a conductor’s ears. Let’s all make Martial Arts music and fill the room with snaps. Listen to your DoBalk!

Just like life, a good start doesn’t guarantee a great finish; you have to stay focused throughout to achieve the desired goal.