You Can Practice Anywhere

I was told to practice at home when I was a colored belt. Now as a black belt I ask students to practice a form or stretch at home.

But what does that mean and what are the guidelines to practicing at home?

Practicing at home means that you practice what you know you need to work on.  It also means practicing what you should do every day like forms and stretches.

The guideline to practicing at home is focusing on non-partner activities or practicing step-sparring with an imaginary opponent. Things like sparring, wrist technicals, breaking and self-defense are best left to class. This is because someone could get seriously injured and have to go to the hospital.  That will leave you in big trouble!

Some of the things you can and should practice every day are forms, self-control, counting to ten in Korean, step-sparring with an imaginary opponent and stretching.

It may not seem like much, but practicing every day will have a huge impact on your martial arts technique, but you must keep one very important thing in mind when practicing – You are what you practice.  How you practice it is how you will do it so don’t think that because you’re just practicing, it’s ok to have sloppy technique!

Jody Nelson