6 Signs of Respect

Don’t forget while you are in the Dojang you are subject to centuries of tradition and ceremony.

  1. When you enter the Dojang, bow. When you leave the Dojang, turn facing in and bow.
  2. When you are given instruction by anyone of a higher rank, bow and say “Yes Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am”.
  3. Listen when the instructor is speaking, this is not the time to chat.
  4. When you approach an instructor for any reason, be it question or request, patiently wait until the instructor acknowledges you.  DO NOT interrupt.
  5. If you enter the Dojang after class has started, wait in the back of the room until you are acknowledged. Then take a place in the back of the class until class is reformed, only then can you get into the proper rank position.
  6. If you need to retie or adjust your belt, turn and face a wall or away from the instructor. Historically if you took off your belt while facing an upper rank, this was considered a challenge and the upper rank may still take it as such.

Dan Barrow