New “Adaptive Fighting” Style Class

We are pleased to announce that starting in January, Master Bishop will be teaching a new class on Mondays.  This class is separate from the Tae Kwon Do classes and  is open to students regardless of rank, however, there will be a minimum age requirement of 16 and the ability to handle another person’s weight.  If interested, class registration is still at the Link front desk.

Adaptive Fighting Style (AFS) is an exciting new concept in martial arts.

The purpose of AFS is to continually modify and adapt the style as time goes by to keep it from becoming overspecialized and predictable.

Within the AFS, students progress through three stages.

  • First, students learn basic skills and principals from their sensei or instructor.
  • Second, students become student instructors or senpai and in turn teach the basics to newer students.
  • Finally, students leave the school and study at other schools.

After completing these three levels, students will return to the school to adapt what they have learned to their basic skills.

As students in turn open their own schools, a variety of independent styles and concepts will be created. This avoids becoming restricted by rigid century old principals and concepts that can quite often lose their effectiveness over time.

The primary ideology behind AFS is that the most important part of any martial art is the martial artist. Styles and concepts should adapt to the person, not the other way around. In this way, each person will create their own personal style. They will teach that style to students that will, upon completing the three levels in that style, will go on to create their own style.

AFS should not be confused with MMA (mixed martial arts). AFS is not sport oriented but rather a means of self-defense.