A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Juliana Rose Nicole with Grand Master Rankin, September 2009If the Mountain Academy had a club flower it would be a rose, Ms Julianna Rose to be exact. Ms Rose has been and will remain an important part of our family.

Student, teacher, peer, all of the wonderful attributes any Martial Artist possesses, this is she.

As we send Ms. Julianna Rose off to college in Montana, I would like to mention just a few things.

We will miss her, we will be with her in spirit, and we wish her the best of luck.

We met Ms Rose when she was 13, over the past 5 years she has become part of our family and a great Martial Artist. We were honored and proud when she earned her Black Belt. As she became one of the instructors it seemed like a natural progression. She has been a joy to be around and work with. Energetic, independent, honorable, any number of adjectives will describe her. Most of all a friend that will be missed.

This next chapter in her life is necessary and expected. A new adventure of learning and spreading her wings. What she has, and will always have is her Martial Arts family, a family to depend on, to talk to, and to encourage her as we reveille in her accomplishments.

We wish her the very best , and look forward to her visits home.

Juliana Rose Nicole, Black belt test September 2009

  • GQ

    Congratulations Juliana! Your accomplishments, persistence and development at MAMA  are those of which you should be proud and will serve you now and always.  – GQ

  • Sheila Matthews

    Thank you for the wonderful article on Julianna!  I’ve known her mom since before she was born.  It has been wonderful to catch up on her many accomplishments!  Thanks to you for helping her grow into a strong, beautiful young lady! SM