December 2012 Testing

Tested for 8th Kyp

Mary Bade
Isabel  Biddinger
Daniel Chavez
Madison Debell
Matthew Joel
Andrew Penn
Gavin Sparks

Tested for 7th Kyp

Tim Dimicelli
Victoria Fess
Thein Ngomai
Huyen Nogomai

Tested for 6th Kyp

Bert Knitter
Maisun Knitter
Austin Meehan
Morgan Meehan
Nellie Miller
Darlene Moreno
Abigail Smolenski
Evan Sullivan

Tested for 5th Kyp

Isabella Beals
Stacy Colson

Tested for 4th Kyp

Jonah Beals

Tested for 3rd Kyp

Drake Hylton

Tested for 2nd Kyp

Matthew O’Leary
Brian Smith

Tested for 1st Kyp

Josiah Strotz

Tested for 1st Dan

Michael O’Leary

Tested for 2nd Dan

Dominick Blum
Miranda Theriot

  • Imyrrich

    Woo-Hoo! Good job everyone.

  • GMasterrankin

    I am very proud of the students and the instructors at the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts, very well done.

    GM Rankin