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It may be because we just don’t know enough about it or because what we do know is that they deal with secrecy and come from a far off area, but whatever the reason, martial arts have always seemed a bit mystical. Hollywood found a way to make this entertaining by making entire movies based on ninjas, fancy action fights and different moves that show men dualing in crazy fashions. However, aside from the big Hollywood pictures, martial arts are actually around today in people’s lives and serve a practical purpose.

Children are among the people who can gain the most from martial arts because it is a excellent way to exercise and develop the body. Martial arts also helps children to focus and develop their minds. Children who practice martial arts will sometimes transform their entire personality because of the changes they go through during training. It isn’t a bad change either because while the children may appear to be the same, after training they actually have more self-confidence as well as self-respect. Regardless of what kind of child starts to practice martial arts, in the end they all end up improving certain elements of their personalities due to the practice and determination they must give in training.

Martial arts becomes a way of living. The number of children (or adults) who practice martial arts and actually make it all the way to a black belt may be very small. Many kids drop out after they figure out that it’s not all about spinning kicks and beating up bad guys. But for those who get past this, however, they enjoy the benefits that training, hard work and practice brings.

Aside from the characteristics most people think of when they hear martial arts (like looking fitter, being stronger, etc.), many people are able to find a sense of calm as a result of training. They may not even realize it at first, but with all of the movement that must be performed as well as the focus required in order to master a technique, many students are able to feel more relaxed as a result of their training. This calmness allows the students to feel more at peace with their surrounding world. While it may not seem like a calming type of exercise, martial arts can truly aid to put you at peace with the world.


Grand Master John Rankin

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