2012 March Test Results

Tested for 8th Kyp

Arrastia Kaden
Melissa Bade
Raymond Bade
Brooklyn BickerStaff
Robin Bolduc
Ronan Colson
Scott Crull
Adaea Danskin
Aiden DeBoer
Alex DeBoer
Cita Doyle
Matt Drumm
Tristan Froio
Mark Gabriel DeBell
Bill Giffen
Hannah Graber
Oscar Hackstaff
Jacob Hampton
Kevin Knuss
Joseph Lane
Rowan Nasty
Lawrance Pearlman
Amaya Prince
Darien Prince
Bill Ryan
Coy Shaftstall
Bodie Spinner
Josh Taylor
Vincent Valdy
Ryann Vergano

Tested for 7th Kyp

Mary Bade
Madison Gabriel DeBell
Matthew Joel
Andrew Penn
Gavin Sparks

Tested for 6th Kyp

Tim Dimiceli
Victoria Fess
Tran Ngomai
Viet Ngomai

Tested for 5th Kyp

Cara Kerwin
Declan Kerwin
James Work

Tested for 4th Kyp

Jack Graber
Noah Graber
Catrina Kerwin

Tested for 3rd Kyp

Trevor Bosma
Colin Sullivan

Tested for 2nd Kyp

John Miller

Tested for 1st Kyp

Daniel Fess
Layla Theriot

  • GMasterrankin

    I am so incredibly proud of the instructors and the students
    of the Mountain Academy that it is hard to put into words. Thank you so much
    for being part of this great chapter in my life. 



    GM Rankin