Spring 2013 Tournament Details


April 20, 2013, 11:30 am warm-up, 12:00 pm start


Clear Creek County School District Offices, 320 Highway 103, Idaho Springs, CO 80452


$40 day of event, $30 pre-registration (per person) (See registration and payment options below)

Kinder Kicks Fee $15 (Register with Mr. Colson, Mr. Hargrave, Mrs. Rich or Mr. Blum)
We will be having a potluck party afterwards with fun activities and prizes. Please bring a dish to share!

All ranks and ages are welcome. Students will compete against similar ages and ranks.

Competition Categories

Traditional Forms

These are the forms we do in class. It’s your choice what form you would like to do.

Creative Forms

(You must also compete in Traditional Forms to compete in Creative Forms)

We’re leaving it open to you how you interpret creative. Have music? Don’t have music? Have jumps and spins? Lots of punches and kicks? It’s up to you!

Traditional Weapons Forms

Green belt and above

Creative Weapons Forms

(You must also compete in Traditional Weapons Forms to compete in Creative Weapons Forms)

Your Creative Weapon does not have to be the same as the weapon you use for traditional unless you want it to be.


All breaks will be combination breaks, no power breaks. 3-5 single boards and will be judged based on creativity, difficulty & technique.

Advanced Breaking

Limited to Red Belts and up. Anything goes, but YOU MUST provide the materials you will be breaking. Breaks will be judged based on creativity, difficulty & technique.


Point Sparring which is different than what we typically do in class which is free sparring.

Kinder Kicks Sumo Wrestling

Only for Kinder Kicks students

Kinder Kicks Obstacle Course

Only for Kinder Kicks students

A Best in Show Award will be given as well as first through third place medals for each division

Download the flyer and registration form here: Spring_2013_Tournament_Flyer.

Or, register online here!

You can pay with cash or check to John Rankin (please do not make checks payable to Mountain Academy), or for a small fee, you can pay via Paypal here:


  • If you would only like to do 1 of the catagories then it is $15.00. Remember if you prepay to one of your instructors, even 1 day before then it is $30.00 versus $40.00.