Testing Change!!!

Due to the flooding issues occurring currently I have been made aware that I70 is closed in various levels across the mountains.  We are working to get a new testing location!  With the previous intent that there be only one testing where everyone is able to participate and show their technique, this announcement comes with a level of disappointment.  Sadly the mountain groups of Mountain Academy are not going to join the Denver groups.  We would rather all students and families make it to testing safe rather than hold to the original plan of having the testing in the mountains.  We will miss seeing those students and Ms. Rich and Mr. Beasley  have expressed their sadness over not seeing our students.  As we say so many times while teaching, safety is paramount!

We are waiting to see if Lakewood will allow us use of the space at the Link rec center.  If this does not happen, Mr. Blum has offered his school at

7546 w 5th Ave.

Lakewood CO, 80226

Please stay tuned for further information or join us in class at the Link at 9:15 tomorrow morning for full details!