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Tested for 8th Kyp Andrey Barac Casey Brink Isaiah Casados Lucia Kenshalo Kayda Sorensen Tested for 7th Kyp Emmanuel Craig Macie Craig Devon Dobbs Tim Dobbs Conal Kerwin Wil Koch Cooper Miloud Nolan Rotellia Takoda Sellers Tested for 6th Kyp Davin Barel Henry Bense Douglas Hoffer Chad Kenny Liam Martin […]

December 2014 Test Results

The Perfect Stance How many times have we heard it….back leg locked, front leg bent, shoulders straight, counter hand…a hundred? Maybe a thousand. Yet it is something we all strive for. Why?? Tae Kwon Do uses large muscles which produce power to transmit to the smallest areas of the body, […]

In Search of………….KAPOW!

“Earned, not given”. You will hear this from time to time in our classes. Our ideology is simple, just like a video game you can not progress until you have completed the required steps. With most RPGs (role playing games) you start off with no experience and little to no […]

Earned not Given!

Anyone’s journey in Martial Arts is defined by a number of straight paths, turns, double backs, and outright confusion. Students must remember the joy in the journey. Getting confused, or lost is commonplace in this the Martial Arts trip you have set out on. But not to worry, behind every […]

Losing Your Way

Forms | Cr Forms | Weapons | Cr Weapons | Breaking | Sparring | Overall Forms Division I 1st – Nellie Miller 2nd – Ronan Colson 3rd – Joey Lane Division II 1st – Sean Cerrone 2nd – Bechler Camp 3rd – Nelson Pearce Division III 1st – Jason Colson […]

Fall 2014 Tournament Results