Feeling Like a Member of the Family

In 1982, I had a calligraphy made that said “Feeling like a member of the family”, I had it framed and it hung in the school in Kittridge and Evergreen for many years. It now hangs in my home in Lakewood.

This mantra became my goal, my hope for what the school stood for, what could be better than being part of a family, a community that could kick face, shake hands and enjoy the friendship and support.

I would like everyone to take a moment and remember the feeling that you had when you tested with the support of your fellow students and the attendance of a number of Black Belts, I remember the pride and the honor of being there at every test. When some of us tested for our Black Belts with the support of the Black Belt students it was a memorable evening and will always be remembered.

As we grow and mature into a larger and more diverse Martial Arts community we shouldn’t let go of this valuable asset. As life moves on with all of us we need to remember how we felt, how others will feel and be secure in the knowledge that we are a family that will be there for each other.

The Mountain Academy of Martial Arts has a certain personality comprised of a strong and diverse membership that encourages the individual as well as the whole, it takes everyone’s effort to continue this journey in Martial Arts.

I hope my legacy will be that everyone Feels Like a Member of the Family.

GM Rankin