Test Results for June 2014

Tested for 8th Kyp

Henry Bense
Hudson Miloud
Kevin Ryburn
Takoda Sellers

Tested for 7th Kyp

Adam Aceves
Natalie Ryburn
Elanor Scott
Scarlett Sinay

Tested for 6th Kyp

Azucena Aceves
Oscar Aceves
Melissa Brookstone
Sean Cerrone
Alexander Chenot
Scott Geels
Jennifer Harrelson
Naomi Harrelson
William Mast
Alayah Neeley

Tested for 5th Kyp

Lucas Buchanan
Amber Clasby
Cheyenne Clutter
Martin Prchal
Kyle Sapio
George Scott

Tested for 4th Kyp

Craig Robbins

Tested for 3rd Kyp

Jacob Hampton

Tested for 2nd Kyp

Joseph Lane

Tested for 1st Kyp

LaRue Rains
James Work

Tested for 2nd Dan

Dan Krueger
Jody Nelson

Tested for 4th Dan

Jim Beasley
Imy Rich

  • Imy Rich

    Amazing testing! I am so proud of our students. Thanks everyone for making the trip up the mountain.