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Forms | Cr Forms | Weapons | Cr Weapons | Breaking | Sparring | Overall Forms Division I 1st – Nellie Miller 2nd – Ronan Colson 3rd – Joey Lane Division II 1st – Sean Cerrone 2nd – Bechler Camp 3rd – Nelson Pearce Division III 1st – Jason Colson […]

Fall 2014 Tournament Results

We often like to tease Mr. Miller. John Miller has an eye for detail and as a bit of a perfectionist, wants to know the exact details he is working towards. More than once Mr. Miller has asked a question that stumped several of the black belts. He has also […]

Get to Know John Miller

We are happy to announce Moo Duk Kwan association has approved the following students to test as early as December 2014. Mary Miller for 1st Dan James Work for 1st Dan

Testing Approvals for September 2014

When: October 25, 11:30 am warm-up, 12:00 pm start Where: Lakewood Link Recreation Center Cost: $40 day of event, $30 pre-registration (per person) (See registration and payment options below) We will be having a Halloween potluck party afterwards with fun activities and prizes. Please bring a dish to share! All […]

Fall 2014 Tournament and Halloween Party Details