Losing Your Way

Anyone’s journey in Martial Arts is defined by a number of straight paths, turns, double backs, and outright confusion. Students must remember the joy in the journey.

Getting confused, or lost is commonplace in this the Martial Arts trip you have set out on. But not to worry, behind every obstacle, around every turn there are other students there to help you find the way. They know because they have been there and know what path to take. Like others before them they will show you the way. Do not despair.

There are times that you have to take the wrong path to find the right one, a retrace of your path to discover yet another, it’s the Martial Arts way of learning something new. Sometimes if you approach the same obstacle from the opposite direction it becomes clearer, easier to learn, and enjoyable to experience.

There are multiple paths that lead to the same clearing in the forest of knowledge, and many clearings with multiple paths leading to the next. The clearing that you come across could be defined as a plateau, a place to reflect, to perfect, and to plan your trip to the next clearing. There is no clear cut “way”, there is just the Way of Martial Arts.

Your physical attributes, your personality, your relationships all affect your path, your discovery of new things, enjoy the journey.

Frustrating, yes….

Necessary, yes….

Take advantage of those you meet along the way, enjoy the never ending winding of the path and the comfort of the clearings. This is a lifetime journey of discovery.

GM Rankin