Earned not Given!

“Earned, not given”. You will hear this from time to time in our classes. Our ideology is simple, just like a video game you can not progress until you have completed the required steps.

With most RPGs (role playing games) you start off with no experience and little to no equipment, same goes with the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts. You start with an expectation of what things will be like, you start the class at level 1: white belt. As you progress and learn more material your ability improves, you gain more experience points then you earn your next level.

There are no cheat codes or warps in the MAMA game. If you have not earned enough XP (experience points) by the next checkpoint you will remain at your current level. It is up to the player to ensure they are getting the XP they need. This is not a side-scroller that all you have to do is show up and jump to succeed, but you have to put in specific work to gain the right XP. There is, however, a walkthrough: http://mountainacademymartialarts.com/testing/requirements/#axzz3CpUwAvAc


Dan Barrow