Polar Plunge 2015 Results

Team Snow Fun, representing the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts, raised a total of $990 for Special Olympics and participated in the Polar Plunge Saturday, February 28, 2015.

However, the “plunge” didn’t go quite as planned. That morning the Polar Plunge pool had been set and filled with lovely cold water to jump into, but as the time came for the plunge to start, an issue arose. Something had broken on the pool and it was not safe to jump into. Some speculated that maybe it was due to the cold. The temperature was only about 20′ F. Some speculated that maybe it wasn’t set up correctly. Either way, the Polar Plunge had to adapt.

5 buckets were acquired and each group of five or less had buckets of the pool water dumped on them. That meant if you had a group of five, each person had their own bucket and if you were an individual….well, you got five buckets of water dumped on you.

While it wasn’t the Polar Plunge everyone was expecting, it was still fun and still quite a polar experience. Donations are being accepted through March 21, 2015, so if you wanted to but haven’t yet, please donate to the individuals or team at the Snow Fun team page.