Another Successful Polar Plunge for Special Olympics

We raised over $1,200 for Special Olympics of Colorado!

This year we had six people “Freezin’ for a Reason” while representing Mountain Academy of Martial Arts at the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics of Colorado. Mrs. Barrow even ran in the 5K, her first ever before taking the plunge. The run was held at City Park while the Polar Plunge was held at the Zoo at one of the pavilions. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and cheered the MAMA team on! It may have been a warm day (70′ in February!), but the water was anything but. They made sure it was nice and cold for everyone. Just standing in the puddles created by all the people cannonballing into the pool would leave your feet numb in a matter of seconds. We raised over $1,200 and had a lot of fun and hope we will have an even bigger team next year.

Thank you for your support!

More pictures coming soon!

super girl
This was the cutest little girl. She was so excited to meet the giant tooth and the Tooth Fairy. Her father was dressed as Captain America and she was hulk posing for everyone.
Mrs Barrow in a super hero pose
Mrs. Barrow pre-5k striking a super hero pose.
Mrs. Barrow finishing the run. (She finished in 37:10)