Tested for 8th Kyp Izaak Franti Richard Joseph Amberlena Martinez Matthew Matzen Walter Nelson Archer O’Brien Jacquelyn O’Brien Logan Stone Tested for 7th Kyp Mykala Clay Drew Golden Rowan Moles Isaac Ormsby Tested for 6th Kyp Blake Bennett Ryan Bennett Willow Moles Bishesh Pradhan Tested for 5th Kyp Andrey Barac […]

Test Results for December 2015

Tested for 8th Kyp Emily Geels Drew Golden Jayson Holmes Rowan Moles Tya Nuremburger Isaac Ormsby Tested for 7th Kyp Blake Bennett Ryan Bennett Gabbro Hankins Kevin Merz Willow Moles Adam Peters Tested for 6th Kyp Nicholas Nairvaize Tested for 5th Kyp Emmanuel Craig Scott Geels Conal Kerwin Cooper Miloud […]

Test Results for September 2015

Tested for 8th Kyp Blake Bennett Ryan Bennett Kevin Merz Willow Moles Bishesh Pradhan Elena Sorkin Tested for 7th Kyp Nicholas Narvaiz Tested for 6th Kyp Andrey Barak Casey Brink Tested for 5th Kyp Hudson Miloud Miles McNeil Kevin Ryburn Natalie Ryburn Elenor Scott Tested for 4th Kyp Alex Chenot […]

June 2015 Test Results

We are happy to announce the Moo Duk Kwan association has approved the following students to test as early as June 2015. Matt Drumm for 1st Dan Ben Smith for 1st Dan

Testing Approvals for May 2015