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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the Advanced Classes, what has been going on, what we can do to improve them, and most importantly, what can we do to increase attendance. Since not everyone is at every Advanced Class, Grand Master Rankin has asked we create a […]

Advanced Class Survey

“Earned, not given”. You will hear this from time to time in our classes. Our ideology is simple, just like a video game you can not progress until you have completed the required steps. With most RPGs (role playing games) you start off with no experience and little to no […]

Earned not Given!

The signs have been posted at the link, but just in case you didn’t see them, there will be no class this week at Lakewood. Classes will resume Saturday May 17.  The other Mountain Academy schools will be happy to welcome Lakewood students for a class or two. Either way, […]

Lakewood Link closed May 12-16

by John Miller “Why do you spend so much time on forms?” This is a question students (or their parents) ask from time to time. That a school spends a lot of time on forms is also a criticism frequently leveled at martial arts schools in online reviews. It is […]

The Form IS the Textbook

As you may or may not have noticed if you subscribe via our RSS feed, the website has a new look.  You may still see some small changes come through. If you find anything that is broken, doesn’t look or act quite right, let our webmaster Mrs Barrow know. You […]

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