By: Anthony T. Ngo  Introduction Although this essay will cover some basic weaknesses and how to target them, it is in no way a compilation of the myriad of several weaknesses located throughout the human body. Due to the actual complexity and length of the topic, the information is meant […]

An Anatomical Analysis of The Weaknesses of the Human Body

Hooked walking cane
In today’s society it is against the law to carry almost any type of object which may be deemed as a weapon. The cane may very well be one of the last “permissible” weapons available which you can carry to defend yourself without violating the law. Fortunately, the cane is […]

The Cane

When I was a white belt, one of the first things I learned was the front stance. I remember it like it was yesterday. Front knee bent. Back leg locked. Hips and shoulders square. I worked very diligently, because I wanted to have the perfect front stance. I figured that […]

The Perfect Front Stance