1. What got you into taekwondo? My little brother was taking at MAMA and my friend and I decided to join. 2. What’s your favorite thing about taekwondo? The perfect balance of force and fluidity. 3. Have you studied any other martial arts? I’ve taken a few classes of Tai […]

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Objective To help students connect with the material in ways that inspire them to learn and grow, all the while growing myself as a Martial Artist, a teacher, and a human being. Experience 1986 – Began education of Tae Kwon Do under the instruction of Master John W. Rankin at the […]

Alex Sutton

We often like to tease Mr. Miller. John Miller has an eye for detail and as a bit of a perfectionist, wants to know the exact details he is working towards. More than once Mr. Miller has asked a question that stumped several of the black belts. He has also […]

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Dan Barrow being silly
Like Mrs Barrow, Mr Barrow has been studying under Grand Master Rankin and the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts Lakewood for over a decade. Known for his sarcastic wit, and his long legged kicks, Mr Barrow tends to leave an impression. Although he doesn’t think of himself as such, he […]

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John Miller
John Miller received his black belt March 2013 and his second degree December 2017, and currently instructs at Mountain Academy of Martial Arts Lakewood and Denver. *Advanced forms are only available to black belts

John Miller

    Wyatt Benson has been with Mountain Academy Martial Arts Lakewood since he was 5! Wyatt currently helps teach the Kinder Kicks class. He also plays baseball for Lakewood Senior High.(Lakewood Senior High recently made headlines nationwide after winning Katy Perry’s ROAR contest). We at MAMA have had great […]

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