By Viet Ngomai Importance of Cardio In a sport where skill and power are so stressed, taekwondo fighters often forget one thing. Cardio. While in the ring, how hard you can punch and how hard you can snap out your sidekick will definitely make a difference, it’s often the endurance […]

Importance of Cardio

By Tran Ngomai NFL players can essentially be summed up as battering rams. Their career centers around the ability to stay fit and undergo rigorous workouts in order to play on the field. As demanding as football is, it should be of no surprise that player have looked for various […]

Martial Arts in the NFL

By Joseph Lane Tae kwon do changed my life, before I went to tae kwon do I use to not be self aware and it made me feel weak. Once I started to go I became more respectful of others and more confident about what I was doing as a […]

Tae Kwon Do Changed My Life

Tested for 8th Kyp Molley Franti Henrey Lee Sherri Lictenwainer Sara Matzen Erin Ryburn Tested for 7th Kyp Bo Dancer Alissa DeHerrera Naudika Esters Justin Lee Julie Martinez Ian McCormic Kaydin Mitchell Tested for 6th Kyp Andy Cepeda Emily Gradwohl Richard Joseph Caleb Lictenwainer Angelina Martinez Matthew Matzen Tested for […]

September 2016 Test Results