benefits of tae kwon do

Martial arts were created for the sole objective of defense. While there are many different styles and techniques as well as hybrid styles forming today, the idea of all martial arts is reduced down to a common root. That common idea is that regardless of technique, you should be focused […]

Benefits of Martial Arts Study

There are an endless number of reasons to get involved in the martial arts. Learning defensive skills, getting lean and fit, and self-discipline are but a few of them. These arts came about as a way of defending one’s self and honor while not being the aggressor in a battle. […]

Martial Arts – For Everyone

Any form of Martial Art is an excellent way to help keep fit.  A superb choice that you may be surprised to learn is very popular with the over 50’s  community. Tae Kwon Do is Korean Karate. It means The Way of the Hand and Foot  (punching and kicking). There […]

You are Never Too Old to Learn Tae Kwon Do

by Dominick Blum In 1991 I got married, started a new job and tested for my black belt all in the same week.   I have never before or since had a more stressful week in my life.  Since that time I have studied several different styles and visited many different […]

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