black belt paper

by Jack Graber For my black belt essay I wanted to delve into the history of Tae Kwan Do and more specifically the history of the association, Moo Duk Kwan. I started searching on the internet for sources with a depth of information. Eventually, that search came up with the […]

Stepping into the history of Tae Kwon Do

by Noah Graber My name is Noah Graber and this is how I got to black belt and what I plan to do after achieving black belt. In first grade, 7 years ago, I found out about Tae Kwon Do through a school program. I did a couple of months […]

Journey to Black and Beyond

 by Stacey Colson When I was a kid I loved watching Bruce Lee movies or anybody for that matter doing martial arts, it looked so cool to me. I also loved music, I would play it loud in my headphones with a hair brush in my hands and pretend I […]