common sense

Image by Robbie Veldwijk via Flickr We have all been given this choice, the ball or the sword. What does this mean? Most of my students have heard me say, “We learn to fight so we don’t have to fight.” Let me explain. When some guy cuts us off in […]

The Ball or the Sword

In today’s present society, a woman does not need a bodyguard to escort her to all of the places she wishes to go. She is now able to venture forth alone; however, in doing so, she must be aware of the dangers that abound. Precautions must be taken if she […]

Precautions Outside the Home: Transportation

KEYS Secure door and window locks are to no avail if a spare key is left “hidden” on the premises. Common hiding places, such as under the doormat or in the mailbox, will be quickly found by a determined intruder. Remember to store any spare keys in a safe place. […]

Security Inside the Home