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“Earned, not given”. You will hear this from time to time in our classes. Our ideology is simple, just like a video game you can not progress until you have completed the required steps. With most RPGs (role playing games) you start off with no experience and little to no […]

Earned not Given!

Dan Barrow being silly
Like Mrs Barrow, Mr Barrow has been studying under Grand Master Rankin and the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts Lakewood for over a decade. Known for his sarcastic wit, and his long legged kicks, Mr Barrow tends to leave an impression. Although he doesn’t think of himself as such, he […]

Get to know Dan Barrow

By Dan Barow A normal human being is not prone to being struck and sticking around for more, so why as martial artists are we? The longer someone studies martial arts, whatever it may be, they come to grips with being injured. What may drive someone to actually appreciate being […]

The Psychology of Getting Hit in the Face and Liking ...

While Tae Kwon Do is great for children; learning and improving physical and mental abilities while growing self confidence, Adults can benefit just as much, in fact I think even more. I started Tae Kwon Do when I was in my mid twenties and those people who knew me before […]

Tae Kwon Do Isn’t Just for Kids

As I begin my 42nd year teaching, I think back 41 years ago and my first school in Axis, Alabama. Seven students, very hot and muggy, and very excited to be able to pass on the beauty and power of Martial Arts. Jump forward to 2011, still excited about Martial […]

42 and Counting