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Bert Hargrave, who heads up the Kinder Kicks class for Mountain Academy of Martial Arts Lakewood, has been part of MAMA for many years receiving both his 1st and 2nd Dans from Grand Master John Rankin and when family life settles down, will most likely also receive his 3rd Dan. […]

Get to Know Bert Hargrave

Martial arts were created for the sole objective of defense. While there are many different styles and techniques as well as hybrid styles forming today, the idea of all martial arts is reduced down to a common root. That common idea is that regardless of technique, you should be focused […]

Benefits of Martial Arts Study

The Gilpin County Academy has done it again. Saturday the instructors and students performed a demo under the red tent at the fair with a full crowd in attendance. It was a fantastic demo, all of the students did great. Grand Master John Rankin said that it was one of […]

Gilpin County Fair a Real Kick!

It may be because we just don’t know enough about it or because what we do know is that they deal with secrecy and come from a far off area, but whatever the reason, martial arts have always seemed a bit mystical. Hollywood found a way to make this entertaining […]

Martial Arts = Peace

As I begin my 42nd year teaching, I think back 41 years ago and my first school in Axis, Alabama. Seven students, very hot and muggy, and very excited to be able to pass on the beauty and power of Martial Arts. Jump forward to 2011, still excited about Martial […]

42 and Counting

By Miranda Theriot             Sitting here reflecting upon my Tae Kwon Do journey, I wonder how I can sum up in to words my general feelings about martial arts. Now that my second degree test has finally confronted me, I have come to realize that all these years, Tae Kwon […]

The Lessons of Tae Kwon Do