Journey to Black Belt

2nd Dan paper by Duncan Ziegler I started Tae Kwon Do in the winter of 2002. I was seven years old and just entering second grade. My good friend, Adam Van Wert, invited me to my first class. I enjoyed it enough to come a second time, and a third, […]

A Coming of Age Story

 by Stacey Colson When I was a kid I loved watching Bruce Lee movies or anybody for that matter doing martial arts, it looked so cool to me. I also loved music, I would play it loud in my headphones with a hair brush in my hands and pretend I […]


By Jeff Pine   I was first introduced to Taekwondo way back in 1972. A friend of mine attended a dojo on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder on the second floor of an old building above a tourist shop. I was twenty five, had just gone through my first […]

A Lifelong Journey