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  Tested for 8th Kyp – Kinder Kicks Bech Camp Jasmine Fling Billy Mast Alayah Neely Nia Robertson Tested for 7th Kyp Josh Holderness Ashton Johnston Gryphin Kramer Tested for 6th Kyp Porter Hudson Tested for 5th Kyp Brian Beall Sam Hagberg Jacob Hampton Gavin Sparks Sandra Thompson Tested for […]

September 2013 Testing

My apologies. This most was intended to be posted last year but I discovered it was missed. MB Origami (折り紙?, from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”; kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD […]

Origami Please

Master O’Hara is right at the foundation of the Mountain Academy, has been active in Martial for over 30 years. He has opened, taught, and helped at many of the Academy schools. An excellent Martial Artist that is more than happy to assist the Black Belt instructors or a beginning […]

Get to Know Master O’Hara

Traditional Forms Division I 1st – Joey Ragina 2nd – Corey Nordlow 3rd – Olivia Bork Division II 1st – Quinn Schuler 2nd – Bryan Beal 3rd  – Arthur Walters Division III 1st – Oscar Hackstaff 2nd – Jacob Hackstaff 3rd – Joey Lane Division IV 1st – Abigail Smolenski […]

2012 Fall Tournament Results

Duncan Ziegler has been with the Lakewood school for many years, and while his fellow black belts keep teasing him because he’s very far behind on preparing for his 2nd Dan, we are very proud of him, In addition to helping Mr. Hargrave teach the Kinder Kicks class every Saturday, […]

Get to Know Duncan Ziegler

There are an endless number of reasons to get involved in the martial arts. Learning defensive skills, getting lean and fit, and self-discipline are but a few of them. These arts came about as a way of defending one’s self and honor while not being the aggressor in a battle. […]

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