Martial Artist

By Dan Barow A normal human being is not prone to being struck and sticking around for more, so why as martial artists are we? The longer someone studies martial arts, whatever it may be, they come to grips with being injured. What may drive someone to actually appreciate being […]

The Psychology of Getting Hit in the Face and Liking ...

 By Juliana Rose Nicole Well fellow martial artists, I have made the transition from high school student to college student, and in doing so, I have left behind colorful Colorado, and made a new home in Missoula Montana (AKA the Zoo-Town).   However as many similarities as there may be between […]

Home Sweet Dojang

I AM ….. By: Arlin Parson, II What does it mean to you to say, “I am a Martial Artist”?  What is the thing that comes to your mind in vivid colors and bright images when you utter those words aloud?  Take a few moments and think on these things. […]

I Am