Master Doug O’Hara

Tested for 8th Kyp Emmanuel Craig Macie Craig Austin Hughes Wil Koch Dominic Maes Rose Miller Cooper Miloud Tested for 7th Kyp Davin Barela Henry Bense Jonah Deyling Doug Hoffer Liam Martin Hudson Miloud Kevin Ryburn Tested for 6th Kyp Dillon Burke Bech Camp Cole Gallegos Natalie Ryburn Elenor Scott […]

September 2014 Test Results

If you have pictures from the test, we would love it if you would share your favorites/best shots with us either on Facebook or you can email them to us so we can share them on the website. Tested for 8th Kyp Dillon Burke Kylie Caskey Laird Fling Cole Gallegos […]

March 2014 Test Results

I am proud to announce that after being approached by the sports director here at the Link and other Lakewood rec centers Master O’Hara will be heading up the Green Mountain branch of the Academy at the Green Mountain Recreation Center. Classes will be on Tuesday evenings at first with […]

Mountain Academy of Martial Arts Green Mountain

Master O’Hara is right at the foundation of the Mountain Academy, has been active in Martial for over 30 years. He has opened, taught, and helped at many of the Academy schools. An excellent Martial Artist that is more than happy to assist the Black Belt instructors or a beginning […]

Get to Know Master O’Hara

When I was a white belt, one of the first things I learned was the front stance. I remember it like it was yesterday. Front knee bent. Back leg locked. Hips and shoulders square. I worked very diligently, because I wanted to have the perfect front stance. I figured that […]

The Perfect Front Stance