Mountain Academy of Martial Arts Gilpin

Tested for 8th Kyp Emmanuel Craig Macie Craig Austin Hughes Wil Koch Dominic Maes Rose Miller Cooper Miloud Tested for 7th Kyp Davin Barela Henry Bense Jonah Deyling Doug Hoffer Liam Martin Hudson Miloud Kevin Ryburn Tested for 6th Kyp Dillon Burke Bech Camp Cole Gallegos Natalie Ryburn Elenor Scott […]

September 2014 Test Results

Tested for 8th Kyp Amber Clasby Cheyenne Clutter Sierra Clutter Ryan Porter Morghan Smith Tested for 7th Kyp Seth Douglas Judah Hupka Tested for 6th Kyp Jason Hupka Bob Johnson Tested for 5th Kyp Lawrence Pearlman

June 2013 Testing

Forms | Cr Forms | Weapons | Cr Weapons | Breaking | Sparring | Overall   Forms Division I 1st – Morgan Smith 2nd – Cheyenne Cutter Division II 1st – Jason Hupka 2nd – Greg Dolan Division III 1st – Oscar Hackstaff 2nd – Ronan Colson 3rd – Joseph […]

Spring 2013 Tournament Results

When: April 20, 2013, 11:30 am warm-up, 12:00 pm start Where: Clear Creek County School District Offices, 320 Highway 103, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 Cost: $40 day of event, $30 pre-registration (per person) (See registration and payment options below) Kinder Kicks Fee $15 (Register with Mr. Colson, Mr. Hargrave, Mrs. […]

Spring 2013 Tournament Details

I can’t believe its already 2013. The Mountain Academy of Martial Arts had a good year. New school locations, additional students, certification of instructors from the Moo Duk Kwon Association, and of course more black belts were added to the roster.   Receiving Master Instructor credentials this year were Master […]


Mountain Academy of Martial Arts September 2012 Rank Test
Tested for 8th Kyp Eric Defoe Jen Defoe Mathew Hesse Sam Hagberg Jenna Heckman Sandra Thompson Tested for 7th Kyp Brian Beal Lucas Buchanan Madeline Hackstaff Miles McNeill Quin Schuler Arthur Walters Tested for 6th Kyp Brooklyn Bickerstaff Ronan Colson Scott Crull Adaea Danskin Matt Drumm Oscar Hackstaff Jacob Hampton […]

September 2012 Testing