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Tested for 8th Kyp Emily Geels Drew Golden Jayson Holmes Rowan Moles Tya Nuremburger Isaac Ormsby Tested for 7th Kyp Blake Bennett Ryan Bennett Gabbro Hankins Kevin Merz Willow Moles Adam Peters Tested for 6th Kyp Nicholas Nairvaize Tested for 5th Kyp Emmanuel Craig Scott Geels Conal Kerwin Cooper Miloud […]

Test Results for September 2015

Objective To help students connect with the material in ways that inspire them to learn and grow, all the while growing myself as a Martial Artist, a teacher, and a human being. Experience 1986 – Began education of Tae Kwon Do under the instruction of Master John W. Rankin at the […]

Alex Sutton

By Alex Sutton Finding my way back to the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts has been a blessing I could not have anticipated. In truth, I had become a bit lost both personally and professionally a few years ago. As a result, I decided to quit my job and go […]

Being an Expert vs Being a Leader

Tested for 8th Kyp Emmanuel Craig Macie Craig Austin Hughes Wil Koch Dominic Maes Rose Miller Cooper Miloud Tested for 7th Kyp Davin Barela Henry Bense Jonah Deyling Doug Hoffer Liam Martin Hudson Miloud Kevin Ryburn Tested for 6th Kyp Dillon Burke Bech Camp Cole Gallegos Natalie Ryburn Elenor Scott […]

September 2014 Test Results

1st Dan paper by Sarah Cerrone When I was about nine, my father laid down the law for the first time. He told my sister and I  (who was a year younger) that we would be enrolled in martial arts and that in order for us to ever gain the […]

Three Golden Rules