tae kwon do

The Perfect Stance How many times have we heard it….back leg locked, front leg bent, shoulders straight, counter hand…a hundred? Maybe a thousand. Yet it is something we all strive for. Why?? Tae Kwon Do uses large muscles which produce power to transmit to the smallest areas of the body, […]

In Search of………….KAPOW!

Anyone’s journey in Martial Arts is defined by a number of straight paths, turns, double backs, and outright confusion. Students must remember the joy in the journey. Getting confused, or lost is commonplace in this the Martial Arts trip you have set out on. But not to worry, behind every […]

Losing Your Way

1st Dan paper by Evan Sullivan Your body and mind cooperate to allow you to do everything. Working together, the two make you who you are. Knowing this, it would seem fitting that you would want to keep both working well. A healthy mind and fit body is essential in […]

A Healthy Diet: A Number of Starting Tips to Achieve ...

In 1982, I had a calligraphy made that said “Feeling like a member of the family”, I had it framed and it hung in the school in Kittridge and Evergreen for many years. It now hangs in my home in Lakewood. This mantra became my goal, my hope for what […]

Feeling Like a Member of the Family

by John Miller “Why do you spend so much time on forms?” This is a question students (or their parents) ask from time to time. That a school spends a lot of time on forms is also a criticism frequently leveled at martial arts schools in online reviews. It is […]

The Form IS the Textbook

 by Stacey Colson When I was a kid I loved watching Bruce Lee movies or anybody for that matter doing martial arts, it looked so cool to me. I also loved music, I would play it loud in my headphones with a hair brush in my hands and pretend I […]