By Alex Sutton Finding my way back to the Mountain Academy of Martial Arts has been a blessing I could not have anticipated. In truth, I had become a bit lost both personally and professionally a few years ago. As a result, I decided to quit my job and go […]

Being an Expert vs Being a Leader

A Martial Artists Canvas By Imy Rich White belt=the beginning, a student, a blank canvas.  The instructors and peers have the paint that will then become the martial artist.  A white belt may be the 4 year old kinder kick student with a bit of a bully issue or the […]

A Martial Artists Canvas

Image via Wikipedia As a teacher there are times when it all seems worth it. When a troublesome white belt all of a sudden, “gets it”, when you can see the light turn on and a student completes a technique that has been giving them heartache. Sometimes this happens with […]

The Dragon Book