by John Miller “Why do you spend so much time on forms?” This is a question students (or their parents) ask from time to time. That a school spends a lot of time on forms is also a criticism frequently leveled at martial arts schools in online reviews. It is […]

The Form IS the Textbook

by Josiah Strotz Taekwondo is a modern-day form of martial arts. It is the technique of unarmed combat for self-defense. Tae means to kick or smash with the feet; kwon implies punching or destroying with the fist, and do means way or method. The commandments for modern day taekwondo are […]

The History of Taekwondo

Japanese Samurai Warriors were members of the top social hierarchy of Japan. This social class existed for hundreds of years until about the 19th century. Around this period, the Shogun reigned supreme. The samurai sword is said to be one of three sacred treasures of the Japan. The Sacred Mirror […]

History of the Samurai Sword

Image via Wikipedia The following are not all my words, I have gleaned from different articles, researched in a number of ways and have taken the liberty of repeating some that has been written or said for this article. Martial Arts Heroines Adding to the spirituality of the martial arts […]

Martial Arts Heroines