Black Belt Application

Part of the requirement to be considered for testing for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Dan rank, is the Black Belt application. The Black Belt application must be completely filled out, and provided to your Chief Instructor and/or the Moo Duk Kwan board

    at least 3 months before your requested test date


(If applicant is owner/head of their school, application must be signed off by the Moo Duk Kwan Denver board.)

Testing early is only approved for limited circumstances and must be approved by the Moo Duk Kwan board. If student is requesting to test early, a statement as to why an early test should be granted must be included.

The Moo Duk Kwan Denver board may advance a student early at their own discretion.

If you have any questions regarding the Black Belt Application, please speak with your instructor.

Download the Black_Belt Application.