Weapon Requirements

Getting your green belt is an exciting time in your martial arts career as this is the point where you are first able to start learning a weapon form. Learning a weapon is a major responsibility. Not only is it difficult, but there is a much higher risk of injury to yourself and to others. For this reason we have restrictions on rank and weapon choice. As always, the following restrictions are subject to instructor discretion, so before selecting a weapon to learn, talk to your instructors!

1st Weapon

Kama 1

Tonfa 1

Sai 1

Bo 1

Escrima 1

Advanced Weapon Forms
These are advanced forms and require a red belt or above, learning of one of the first weapon forms and instructor approval.

Bo 2 – (Bo 1 must be learned before we will teach Bo 2)

Fan 1 or Fan 2

Escrima 2

Sai 2

Cane 1 or Cane 2

Additional Weapons

The Sword form or other bladed weapons will be taught only per instructor approval

Nunchaku (nunchuks) are not taught per Grand Master Rankin.